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1st December 2018
Stratford Park Lake.

The club are pleased to say that the lake is back open after the enforced closure by the Council to carry out improvemnts (??) to the banks. During the closure the club took the opportunity to replace all the old wooden platforms with galvanised steel grid platforms. They are not only slip resistant but we have noticed the resident birds do not like resting on them, hence no birds mess to contend with. At the same time we planted 60 ornamental lilly pads along the causeway bank. A big THANK YOU to Larry Cornock for "getting up to his arm pits" in the lake to carry out the planting.

Tuesday 1st May
A quick reminder for you lovers of the friday evening matches, they start again on the 11th May, draw 5.30pm-fish 6pm til 9pm.
Bring your club card with you, no card - no entry. 

Tuesday 24th April 2018
Southfield Farm
Many of you will have noticed the banks on Southfield Farm had got badly rutted during the recent spell of wet weather, making it almost impossible to get past the car park pegs to access the higher numbered pegs. Last Saturday, thanks to members of the commitee, this was rectified. Some four ton of stone was used to fill the ruts making progress to the high numbered pegs once again possible. We would ask members not to stick to driving just along the line of the ruts, if the grass areas are used as well we do not get deep ruts. 

Friday 6th May

The new weed cutter system has proved to be a great success at Thrupp but sadly nothing will stop the annual build up of biomass scum on the surface. Members of the commitee are clearing the build up every saturday and hopefully the build up will naturaly stop within the next couple of weeks.

Monday 4th April
Today saw the Tench collected from the fish farm & introduced at the match stretch, Thrupp.
They were all between 6" & 8"and should give the pole elastic a good test once they get established

A new weedcutter was tried out on saturday at Thrupp & proved to be very successful looking at the amount of weed that floated up to the surface as it was manoeuvred up the canal. It's big test will be once the pond weed starts to appear. But all the signs are good.

Thursday 31st March
The bream arrived today and were transferred into the canal. Fish from 6" to 12" were put in and we're sure will certainly add some great catches for
club members. The tench will be arriving on Monday 4th April adding even more appeal to the Thrupp stretch.

March 2016

Good news this week from our fish supplier, the new stock of bream will be delivered to Thrupp on Thursday 31st March. This will be some 400lb of fish so expect some good sport from Thrupp this summer. Also a stock of tench will be arriving within the next few weeks.

March 2016

Good news regarding the Stroudwater Canal restoration. We have bee informed that the stretch of canal between the Lock keepers Cafe at Cheapside up to the by-pass bridge on Dr Newtons Way is to be dredged starting Monday 14th March. It is to be cleared to a depth of 1meter and a width of 5.5meters. Not as wide as we had hoped but at least it will be another stretch open and ready to fish.

February 2016
Now that the restoration work on the lock at Ham Mill has been completed the usual club work force has been down on the match stretch at Thrupp putting in some man (and machine) hours getting the stretch back into shape for the coming season. With all the reeds cleared from the towpath side, once again it looks superb and ready for some excellent days fishing.



July 2015

Saturday 18th July 2015


This Saturday will see the clubs aerator at work for the first time at Stratford Park Lake. Just in time for the Stroud Show. Not only will it stop the annual problem of fish on the surface gulping for oxygen during long hot spells and subsequent fish losses, it will also act as a water feature for the lake.
At a recent test session at the lake the positive response from the general public was really encouraging with everyone asking if it would be a permanent feature. Let’s hope the Stroud Council appreciate the effort the club has made and withdraw their request for the club to pay the running costs for the pump.


Saturday 11th July 2015

Saturday saw the final stage of the peg refurbishing at Southfield farm. Our sincere thanks go out to local groundwork company Temple Construction for the loan of a mini digger and club member Tom Driver for operating the machine. Also to our club president Derek Jarman for the use of the E.E.S.I tipper truck. The work was completed in record time. All 45 pegs were dug out to give a flat surface for seat boxes and bed of bio-mass mulch put down in some 6 hours of graft by everyone who turned up.  WELL DONE TO ALL OF YOU.

Southfield Farm stretch must now be one of the most angler friendly stretches of water available. With drive-to-your-peg access and comfortable flat pegs, it is a pleasure to fish there.

Oh and I nearly forgot – a picnic table, courtesy of Larry Cornock, to do the results on.

June 2015


Stroud and District Angling Club

Winners of Gloucester Canal Spring League

Four members of Stroud Angling Club kept their nerve on Sunday 7th June while fishing the final round of the Gloucester Canal Spring League. Teams from as far away as the Midlands and Somerset have battled against each other over the five matches that started in April. The team of four, Nick Harris, Mark Breer, Jerry (The King) Wiggett and Andy (The Apprentice) Freeman returned the lowest aggregate points to give them a final score on the day of  21 points,  2 points clear of Maver Lobbys Green another local team, one of whose members Mark Kimber weighed over 60 lbs of fish in the final round.


June 2015
Great news for ex- Stroud AC member George Organ, he has just been selected to join the England under 18 squad. Our congratulations go out to him and we wish him well for the future.

April 2015
Between April & June, when the match calender starts, Mike Casey is running a series of Sunday "Knock Up" matches on either Stratford Park Lake, Southfield Farm or Thrupp Canal.
Either contact Mike or Larry to find out which venue is being used each week.

January 2015
Our club is the first in the country to be used by Nigel & Gemma Phillips to test Gemma's Match Results software package she has developed. It is a clever package that will give instant overall results - section positions -  biggest fish and many other features. It runs from an i-phone so results are updated as the weigh in is taking place. Well done Gemma, nice to see someone taking angling into the modern world.

The committee are pleased to announce that R.H.P. Angling Club have been incorporated within the Stroud & District A.C..


 We would like to take this opportunity to welcome all members of the R.H.P. Angling Club to join in our programme of matches for this and following years and look forward seeing them on the bank.

With this move comes the stretch of the Gloucester Canal at Southfield Farm, Hardwicke. This stretch will be expanded from its present 30 pegs to make it a 50 peg venue. It is also the only stretch of the canal where it is possible to drive to your peg when fishing. As it is on the opposite side to the towpath it has the added bonus of no cyclists, joggers, walkers, pushchairs etc, basically pure heaven !!.  

 Work has has been completed on bringing the pegs back to their original condition. If any members can spare time to help with maintainence work please let any member of the committee know. Work is usually carried out on a Saturday and, daylight permitting, some evenings in the week. If you have a strimmer bring it along and put it to good use. 

 Members must be aware that the approach to the venue is via an access lane used by other businesses and farm vehicles so caution and low speeds are essential at all times. Anyone caught speeding or acting in a manner likely to cause a nuisance to others will have their club card cancelled. 

 Directions to Southfield Farm:-

  • At the roundabout at Cross Keys Filling Station/Mcdonalds turn left to go south on A38.
  • 150mtrs turn right into Pound Lane
  • Past church on your right
  • Turn left into entrance with sign for Challenge Fencing
  • Take care & drive slowly along this narrow lane
  • Drive to open fronted barn and turn right
  • Proceed along track to gateway then on to canal bank

A great insight into the work being carried out by members of the commitee every week to improve & increase the canal stretch at Thrupp can be seen on the following clip.


Our thanks to Jemma Phillips for her time in producing & putting together this sequence for us.

28th April

With weed clearing now curtailed due to spawning on the main match stretch between pegs 1 to 25 we have turned our attention to silt clearing from the stream inlet at peg 22 and the pegs above the bridge that have recently been cleared of reeds. This should give the canal more depth plus at least 5 more pegs being fishable once more.
But we could still do with more helpers to help out the reliable same members that turn up each week. Saturday mornings from 9-30.
April 2014
Members are reminded that this is the time of year canal clearing at Thrupp is taking place every saturday morning from 9-30am. This work ensures the clubs water remains fishable throughout the year. This year the stretch  above the bridge by Bentley Filters is undergoing a massive clear out by members. We are hopeing the end result will be a fifty peg stretch of canal for members.
We need more help to achieve this, so if any members can spare some time on a saturday please just turn up, we have plenty of equipment available.

Friday 7th February
Great news for all club members. We have a confirmed date for the new stock of bream being introduced into the canal at Thrupp. It will be on Saturday 15th February at 8am. So if you fancy an early morning !!!!!!!!!. Once the fish are in no doubt there will be time for breakfast - usual time & place.

Friday 17th January 2014

 AGM Summary


Mike Casey thanked the committee for all their hard work over the course of the past twelve months for their administrative efforts and for their extra effort in keeping the canal at Thrupp so tidy. He paid tribute to our late President Alan Churchill and stated that he would be sadly missed. Club matches had averaged twelve members at each match.

Election of Officers;


Derek Jarman




Mike Casey


Larry Cornock

General Secretary/Publicity Officer

Ian Robinson


Barrie Mole

Fixtures Secretary
Assistant Fixtures Secretary

Mike Casey
Mark Saunders

Match Secretary

Mike Casey

Assistant Match Secretary

Larry Cornock


Election of the Executive Committee;

Gary Kelly

Mike Casey

Dave Clinch

Ian Trueman

Alan Newman

Nigel Philips

Marek Kierul
Mark Saunders



There was one proposal for an amendment to the constitution and paragraph 6 on page 1 now reads;

All decisions made by the Executive Committee shall be made so as to benefit ALL Club Members. ALL “major decisions” other than those pertaining to the renewal of existing leases (such as those regarding financial spending over a set limit of £50) shall be voted upon by the assembled company. With regard to existing leases, the Executive Committee shall have the mandate to sign the renewal to ensure the continuity of the waters available on the Club card. New acquisitions will be subject to an initial vote by the assembled company. In the event that the vote is a tie the Chairman shall have the casting vote. ALL such votes will be recorded by the General Secretary in his minutes.

It was decided that £1500 of silver fish (roach and skimmer bream) should be stocked into Thrupp before the start of the new season. A stocking of match sized carp in to Stratford Park Lake should also take place during the Autumnal stocking window.


Saturday 7th December

Today saw the trial fit of the mesh fish barrier that will go under the bridge at the top end of the match stretch. This temporary measure, until the canal is cleared, should prevent the club losing fish stocks into the reed beds.

Also today the two Ian's set about clearing the stream that flows into the canal. It has been dumping silt across the canal to the point where half the width of the canal had been lost at one point. Job done, the immeadiate effect was to see some colour back in the stretch.



On Sunday 24th November the Stroud and District Angling Club will be holding its Christmas match, again at Harescombe’s match lake. This will also be the first of the annual matches held in memory of our late President, Alan Churchill. Anglers will be fishing for the Alan Churchill Memorial Trophy.


At last it’s open !!

Yes the new stretch of the Stroudwater canal from Caples Mill to Dr Newtons Way is open. All credit must go to the contractors for an amazing piece of engineering. Hopefully sometime in the near future the stretch from the by-pass to the Lockkeepers will be dredged & cleared giving the club back one of its old favourite stretches of water, renowned for some superb roach bags in the past.

Whilst we do not think the “new” stretch will hold fish until some natural feed gets into it, we will keep all members informed via this site if this changes.

We would encourage any members who fancy a session on this new stretch to let the club know if any catches are made.

Members of the club were on site at the new section of the canal at Dr Newtons Way to carry out a fish rescue for the construction company. The small section of canal being cleared yielded some 50-60 fish, roach, perch & eels were tanked and transfered to Thrupp section of the canal. Not a great amount of fish but better rescued than not.
Mike Casey walked the Thrupp section this week & reported a huge shoal of silver fish at the low numbered pegs. 
Reports at Lobbys of fish also being taken on the higher numbers just before the bridge.

Last weekends work party managed to install another three new platforms on the Thrupp section. More will follow as soon as we have got the weed clearing completed. 


Bank clearing is still ongoing every saturday morning. We need as many volunteers as possible in order to get the canal ready for the summer months.

Good news this week. The company appointed to clear out Ham Mill Bridge pound have diverted the excess water course via the old overflow unit, behind the fence near peg 1, and piped it into the River Frome below. This action was taken after Mike Casey pointed out this possibility to them, instead of their idea of taking out the top board and lowering our canal level by around 12". Which in turn would have ruined this summers fishing. This idea saved the canal company a lot of time and money. Lets hope it is appreciated. 

The first carp of the season came out of Stratford Park Lake last saturday.  Weighing in at around 8lb the fish was in perfect condition and still in its winter colours. It fell to Drew Norman who was having a days pleasure fishing at the lake. Picture on the photo's page. 


Well done boys, an excellent job.

Sunday 24th November

The annual Xmas match was combined with the Alan Churchill Memorial Match. As a mark of respect to our late president a new trophy was purchased and presented to the winner Kevin Parry. The cup was presented by Mrs Pauline Churchill who attended with several members of her family to watch the prize giving. Pauline was presented with a box of chocolates and handed £55, collected from those fishing on the day, to pass on to Cancer Research. Future matches for the trophy will be fished in the summer in order to make the day more pleasurable. Never the less all members collected a prize of either drinks or chocolates and the mugs of tea and mince pies rounded off an enjoyable day.


Saturday the 16th saw another work party from the "Reach Organisation" turn up at the match section of the canal to assist in clearing the reeds along the bank. Without doubt this was the best party of lads we have had so far. Everyone of them got straight on with the job and worked to keep the towpath clear whilst commitee members Ian Trueman & Ian Robinson had the thankless task of standing in the water pulling the reeds out by hand. For those who do not know the work "Reach" carries out, all the lads in the party are serving community service orders and their help costs the club nothing more than a well earned bacon buttey and a coffee. Well done to Ian Trueman for sorting out this much needed help.
(see photo's in photos gallery)


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