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Please note
Due to the lake not getting used so much this time of year we have decided to leave the electric fence on  24hours a day 7 days a week.
This is in order to deter any predators
The good news is keepnets are now allowed to be used on Stoutshill Lake

Fisheries shut down

As with the previous national lockdown the following Stroud AC fisheries will be closed until further notice:-



The good news is Stoutshill Lake will remain open due to the announcement made today (7/1/2021) that angling is permitted as a form of excercise.
(Obviously they've seen the amount of kit some of you push around !!!)

Sorry no matches to be organised.

Do not ruin it for others by trying to circumnavigate these rules. 


  •  Due to the appalling behaviour of some anglers towards staff at Southfield Farm the club have taken measures to bring a halt to this in order to retain our rights of passage over the farms land.

  •  1). The rights of passage through the farm applies to members of Stroud & District Angling Club only. Do not attempt to enter without a club card as you will be trespassing.
  • Do not bring friends/family members to the fishery who are not in possesion of a club card. Only membership card holders are covered by the clubs insurance policy. Dogs are also banned from all club waters.

  •  2). Any person reported to be harassing or being abusive to any members of staff of the farm will be banned from the club for life. After which any attempt to enter the farm will be deemed as trespass and prosecution will be pursued.

  •  3). The number for the combination lock on the entrance gate is clearly printed in the club card. If you do not have the number you will be deemed to not have a club card and as such have no right to entry.

  •  4). There is NO NIGHT FISHING on ANY club waters. All anglers must leave the water 30-minutes before dusk. Except for events organised by the club.

  •  5). Bailiffs will patrol the fishery at various times. They have a legal right to check both club memberships and Environment Agency rod licenses. Failure to show either will result in the person being asked to leave the fishery.

  •  6). The club and/or farm staff reserve the right to record the details of all vehicles entering the farm. 
Our club
Established in 1948 the SDAC has enjoyed varying fortunes over the years. It was originally formed to allow its members to get out on a Sunday morning to wet a line - thence to meet in the local hostelry upon completion of the morning’s piscatorial efforts. We are led to believe, from the Secretary’s Minutes of the day, that more enjoyment was taken from the latter than from the actual fishing. The Club progressed to taking leases on most of the Stroud Canal between Dr Martins Way & The Ocean Public House at Stonehouse plus the acquisition of the lease for angling rights on Stratford Park Lake.
Today the SDAC still has the lease for the fishing rights on Stratford Park Lake which holds a good head of Roach, Bream, Perch and Carp (Commons & Mirrors up to 12kgs/26lbs) The Club has also fully restored a ½ mile stretch of The Thames/Severn Canal at Thrupp in the Chalford valley. Carried out over a 5 year period the Club members have dug out the canal by hand, repaired leaking banks, restored the upper lock chamber and have taken the depth from 6” to over 4’-0”. The whole stretch has been re-stocked with Bream to 4lbs/1.8kgs, Perch to 21ls/.90kgs, Roach to 1½ lbs/.68kgs & Tench to 5lbs/2.27kgs. This mixed fishery – has become “The Jewel in The Crown” of the club. It is a safe environment in which to practice the gentle art of angling. Set alongside the River Frome and the mainline railway between Gloucester and Swindon this beautiful setting is a haven for local anglers.
The club are also pleased to announce they have gained the fishing rights to ALL of the Stroudwater Canal from The Ship at Brimscombe corner to Ebley Mill. Whilst much of this water has yet to be refurbished, many areas have been and are a credit to the many volunteers who have given up their time to tidy banks, lay footpaths & assist in many other areas. As a club we have accepted the responsibilty of cleaning & maintaining the banks and adjacent land on sections of the canal, also to build & install new fishing platforms on designated sections of the canal.

The club also have the sole rights to a 50+ peg stretch of the
Gloucester Canal at Southfield Farm, Hardwicke. This stretch has been expanded from its original 30 pegs to a 50 peg venue. It is also the only stretch of the canal where it is possible to drive to your peg when fishing. As it is on the opposite side to the towpath it has the added bonus of no cyclists, joggers, walkers, pushchairs etc, basically pure heaven !!.  

 Work has taken place to bring the pegs back to their original condition. With the aid of the commercial mower the club has purchased the banks are in pristine condition. Recent work has taken place to improve the approach track from the farm to the bank with 20 ton of stone being laid. Making all year round angling a possibility.




  Stroud and District Angling Club takes the protection of your personal data very seriously. We only collect your name, address, email and date of birth when you purchase a licence to prevent fraudulant use of our waters. Your data will not be passed on to anyone. 

  In order to purchase a licence, you must consent to this data being held. 


if at any time you wish your details to be removed from the Club's records, please contact the Club Secretary in writing (via e-mail or post) and we will respond to this request within 30 days. Your data will be held securely for the duration of the licence period and after this time will be destroyed.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Club Secretary or speak to any member of the Angling Club Committee. Details are in the club book.


email;  stroudangling@hotmail.com

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